A Brett’s Beds + Futons Guarantee

We think our Bed bases and Futon mattresses are the best in the world so we have made sure our guarantee is too. Because we make all our own futon mattresses and bed bases we can confidently back them up with our unmatched service and support.

The Guarantee

Any problem or defect with your Bretts bed base will be repaired or replaced FREE OF CHARGE. This guarantee is valid for the lifetime of our business which has been established for over thirteen years to date. Included in this guarantee is FREE pick-up and delivery within the first twelve months from time of purchase.

*Note – Free pick-up and delivery only applies to the Perth metro area.

This same unconditional guarantee applies to all Bretts Futon mattresses for 12 months from date of delivery. If there are any problems or defects it will be repaired or replaced FREE OF CHARGE. Following that your mattress will be under warranty for a further Four years to provide cover for any possible defects in the materials used. For an extra $10 at time of purchase the free pick up and return guarantee will also apply to this four year warranty period on the mattress.

*Note – A mattress cannot be guaranteed if it is not used on a Bretts Futon base.