Please note the prices below are for Jarrah (add 20% for Marri or Oak).

New York


The New York headboard provides a simple yet stylish addition to any of our bases, shown here in Jarrah.




The Zen headboard adds a unique, curved feature to the top of our New York headboard, shown here in Jarrah.




This simple, solid headboard introduces some grains and unique highlights to your bed, set at a slight angle to be more comfortable to lie against.




A popular choice, the Milano headboard is made by connecting several pieces of matching wood together for a solid feel and look, also set at a slight angle. The top one is made from Tasmanian Oak, the bottom from Jarrah.


Big Milano


A taller version of our standard Milano makes for a more imposing look. The top one is made from Marri, the bottom from Jarrah.




The Kouri headboard provides the nice effect of tieing the base, legs & headboards together, also offering some unique grains and features. The one on top is made from Marri & Jarrah, the bottom is all-Jarrah.




The Hoby headboard has a Japanese influence, using many pieces of wood for a stylish look, shown here in Jarrah.


Thick Milano


A premium variation on the Milano, the Thick Milano is double as thick as the Milano for a solid feel and look. The one on top is made from Tasmanian Oak, the bottom from Jarrah.




Made from one solid piece of wood, the Paddy headboard is expertly sourced and machined to bring an ultra-premium and unique feel to each bed. All gaps are filled to keep the back and front smooth while exposing the wood's unique grains. The middle headboard here is made with Marri, the others from Jarrah.

Please note the price can vary depending on the thickness and quality of the wood.